The True Facts Related to Online Security for Consumers and Businesses

The True Facts Related to Online Security for Consumers and Businesses


Introduction to online security

The internet can be viewed as a boon and as a curse because just like every other thing this too has its share of advantages and disadvantages and we just have to find a way to work around them. The internet has undoubtedly made the world a very small place but at the same time the internet is a very dangerous place too with the number of crimes that have increased over the last years. Businesses or individuals who own websites are trying very hard to increase the Web Online security for consumers and businesses especially if the website is used for ecommerce. Experts are constantly advicing people to increase the level of security on websites.

The various ways to add Web Online security for consumers and businesses

Adding a security layer for the network is a good way to get things rolling in the right direction and it can be used to safeguard vital information on a particular website. As a user you may also utilize a TCP that has cryptographic elements which increase the security on any website. When we talk about security protocol we generally mean the online security service. This particular protocol service secures every single medium of communication. This means that as a user you can use the internet without any hesitation as you will get the best protection you ever needed.  Here is some more information on protecting yourself.

How does it work?

The whole process is quite simple you see the program starts to run through a chain of authentication procedures that happen inside the Internet protocol Suite. There is no doubt that the protocols help to enhance the quality of the security.

Now it is no secret that half the world population talk to each other through the email and often exchange very valuable data and it is these email websites that need maximum protection as important information can be intercepted by the wrong people.

How to increase Online security for consumers and businesses

To add enhanced security you can install certain anti-virus programs that can add high level of security to the computer and to the websites too. You have to keep in mind that malwares are harmful programs that can cause a lot of damage to your computer if you let them. You must remember to always install the latest version of any antivirus so that your computer gets the best possible protection.

You must gather useful information about online security as you will know how to tackle a very difficult situation. So what you must do is keep a check on the various aspects that are related to a website so that you can keep your site secure at all times.

The importance of Web Online security

You may also consider using an SSL support on your website as it is perfect for adding protection to your website. It is to be understood that websites can be quite vulnerable to viruses and can even be compromised and so it is very important to add security. Especially if you are operating an ecommerce website where financial transactions take place then you should think about adding hid levels of online security.

Using online seals is another way of combating on line threats; if you use a seal then other users will be confident about using your website on a long term basis. Websites with such seals on them are very safe for carrying out online transactions.


The whole purpose of adding a particular seal is to provide maximum Web Online security for the users and the website owners.

Online Security for Consumers and Businesses can Change Everything

Online Security for Consumers and Businesses can Change Everything

What is online security?

There is no doubt that the internet has brought people closer to one another but the number of cyber crimes have also increased over the years and that is a source of great concern to people. Website owners are trying very hard to increase Online security for consumers and businesses. These days websites are being used to conduct business and this has led to the boom of ecommerce, but it has also been noticed that the rate of cyber crime has also increased at an alarming rate and al measures being taken to curb this. Website owners should also add sufficient amount of security to their websites so that the customers do experience any unpleasant situations.

Different kinds of security measures

Network layer security is one of the best security measures that are used to protect important data on a website. Users can also use TCP that is enhanced by certain cryptographic methods to add security to the websites. The protocol security is security service that is available online which adds protection to the various channels of communication. So a user can use the internet and enjoy high security at the same time by utilizing TCP.

The programs run by adding security via authentication procedures that happen within the Internet Protocol Suite. These protocols improve security provided to the data. The email is a very common medium of communication for people all over the world and it is the email sites that have the highest chances of being hacked and important data falling into the wrong hands. The good news is that the different security methods like Pretty Good technique have been created to provide the highest level of security.

Installing special programs in the computers to protect them from vicious malware is another way of adding good protection. Malware are very dangerous programs that can find their way into your computer and can completely corrupt the system and this is every computer user’s nightmare. As a user you must make sure that you have installed the latest versions of software that will give you good protection from online threats.

Getting the right knowledge regarding online security is a must as it will give you the ability to deal with tough situations. You must always monitor the aspects of website security to make sure your website is safe from malware.

The importance of online Security Seal for Online security for consumers and businesses

Using an SSL support for your website may be a great idea for the website but even then your website may be in danger from viruses or even hackers. Here are a few more reasons:

  • Websites are very vulnerable and they fall prey to hackers every now and then, so using online security seals is the best way to combat the situation.
  • Online badges and security seals are used to add maximum protection to the websites.
  • Websites that have such security badges are trying to tell people that their website is absolutely safe; this puts confidence into the minds of the people to go ahead and use the website.
  • An online seal is another way of saying that the website can eliminate all forms of intrusion from the outside. Such websites are safe for carrying out financial transactions.

The whole purpose of a security seal is that is to give the customers the assurance that they can use your website without any problems at all.

Tips on Online security for Consumers and Businesses

Tips on Online security for Consumers and Businesses

In today’s world we cannot imagine getting through the day without using any technology like cell phones and the internet. Such sophisticated technology has made the world a very small place indeed. There are a plethora of advantages but cyber safety should be taken into consideration because Online security for consumers and businesses is a must. The increase in the number of cyber crimes has compelled the cardinals of justice to take strict actions against those who commit crimes.

So to combat these Cyber crimes many organizations have taken up the responsibility of putting together programs to send messages to the public on how they can protect themselves.

So here are some cool tips that everyone can follow to achieve Cyber safety.


Tips for parents with children under the age of 18 years

  • You should keep a close check on how your children are using the internet. have a conversation with then to learn about the sites that they visit. Make sure that you have heard of those websites before.
  • Make sure that the computer is placed in the common area of the house where you can access it and keeps a watch on your child while he or she is working on it.
  • Assure your child that you are always ready to help them in case they face any problems over the internet.
  • Train your children in a way that they will refrain from striking a conversation with strangers on the internet and share private information with them.
  • Sometimes information found on the internet can be misleading as they are not accurate so you must communicate this to your children.
  • Make sure your children know how to balance the internet time with their time in the real world.
  • Make rules for using the internet and get your children to follow them.

Valuable tips for children

  • If you are not sure about certain things over the internet then you must consult and adult
  • Do not provide false information like age to view the contents of a restricted website
  • Never divulge any of your personal information to strangers over the internet.
  • If you have profiles on social media websites then try not to add people who you have never met.
  • However if you do have certain strangers on your profile then try not to meet them when you are alone
  • Please remember that all the information on the internet is not true
  • Go through articles that deal in cyber crimes so that your knowledge increases.

Valuable Tips for the general public

  • Make sure that all your online accounts have very strong passwords
  • Before you even send a message to anyone please review it repeatedly
  • You must refrain from posting any content that may be considered obscene, as they can be used against you.
  • Review the privacy settings on the various profiles that you may have on popular social net working sites.
  • Try not to click on certain embedded links that you find in your emails
  • Do not hesitate to communicate with the authorities in case someone is bullying you are if your account on a social media site was hacked into.

So these are some of the best tips that you can follow.

Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety

News about cybercrimes have become the norm these days, people getting robbed off their personal information causing identity theft, or inflicting dangerous viruses etc. It has become increasingly necessary for not just business to implement safety measures to ensure online security, but common man as well so he can protect his privacy from notorious hackers that have become experts in covering their tracks now days. Here are a few ways in which you can keep the internet bad guys away.

Web security is needed by small business as much as large corporations, in fact as big companies usually invest a lot of funds to prevent their systems from hacking; these online baddies are after small corporation websites.

Customer Online security

Any successful businessman knows that their organization keeps going because of their customers’ trust. Therefore the first and foremost agenda of any business must be to protect their customers. Your customers trust you with sensitive information, therefore it must be protected. To do so –

  • Keep only concise information of what you need and be transparent about your company’s privacy policy on the website.
  • Protect the information you are holding, by knowing precisely where it is stored and how is it protected.
  • Protect your network and system by updating latest anti-virus software, OP and web browser that can fight against online threats.
  • Keep firewalls and make sure that all devices are scanned before being connected to the system.
  • Encrypt crucial information and use strong passwords that are combination of letters, symbols and numbers.
  • Archive necessary information and make frequent tests to see if the online security is secure.
  • Spread awareness amongst the employees on internet security and train them with basics of internet safety.


Internet safety has become priority as cases of fraudulent emails and phishing attacks are increasing on the web. Here are some tips how you can protect your private information.

  • Spam Emails – Spam emails are junk emails and are circulated quite often. Some might be not as threatening but there is always the danger of opening one, only to contract dangerous virus in your system which might eat away important data and allow the hacker to steal important information from your computer. As of now, there are specific laws against sending emails that have elements of appearing as a spam email.
  • Phishing – This is a way, hackers use to gain important information about an individual’s information – personal, financial (credit card number, bank account number etc.) by emails or by hi-jacking websites. Beware of Spyware programs and Viruses by downloading a good anti-virus program.

Make sure that you see the privacy settings when you register for any website and go through terms of service so that you are safe.

Protecting your Privacy Online

Protecting your Privacy Online

Online protection must be thoroughly applied by a website owner in order to protect him from probable hackers who have nothing to do but to ruin a reputation of other people who are aiming to do well in the internet. When a website is hacked, probable problems may arise such as robbing money from the people who are browsing it, or inflicting damaging viruses that can affect a computer’s efficacy. Fortunately, with the continuous advancements being executed these days on the World Wide Web, online protection is no longer impossible to acquire. Just make sure that you are well-equipped with the appropriate knowledge in order for you to be safe at all times.

If you are a website owner, you have to execute several precautions. Choose a good server that ensures your website protection. There are a lot of servers being offered these days. When choosing, you should not solely look at the bandwidth, disk space and so on, but also the security your chosen server provides. You must also keep your software up to date, but if you have chosen the right hosting provider, they will automatically do that, thus, taking off such task on your shoulder. You should also choose a complex password that is very hard to decipher as hackers may go through several attempts just to penetrate your website. Server Mania, a reputable hosting provider, is one good choice that you must not take for granted if you want your website protected at all times. It will not just protect you but your users as well – a vital thing that you have to place on top of your priorities above anything else.

Now if you are someone who loves to browse the internet, you must also keep your guards up in whatever website you visit. When buying some stuff that require your credit card details, make sure that the website you have chosen has been highly secured. Remember what happened to Target? Yes, many have lost substantial amount of money when their website was hacked. You must also do some variations with your chosen password. Make sure that each password is different from all the websites you are visiting, especially those that you habitually visit such as your email address and social media sites. Lastly, disable your GPS and WIFI if you are not using them because these can help hackers track you down – creepy, it is!

The internet is surely a wonderful place as it makes life easier. You can interact with your friends, purchase something at the comfort of your own home, or learn new things. Unfortunately, there are probable downsides such as putting your protection at stake. Always be very wary in order for you to effectively use the World Wide Web without any problems at all.

How to Use TOR to Stay Anonymous?

How to Use TOR to Stay Anonymous?

If you are wondering about a safe and easy way to surf the internet anonymously, chances are you’ve stumbled once across the name called “TOR”. What is this? A god? The one from Asgard? No, TOR is the acronym for “The Onion Router”, a browser bundled with a proxy software that attempts to obfuscate your location by passing your traffic through a few hundreds layers of computers, making it almost impossible to track. However, it could be a bit complicated to use, especially for total newbies. But for the average computer user, setting up TOR is as easy as download and installing a browser. But there’s more to it.

Before we proceed, a word of warning for you: TOR is the haven of everything, it’s an uncensored community which where you can freely post anything, from hiring assassins to child pornography, you can easily find everything here, but that is, only if you intend to browse the hidden services of TOR. Now let us proceed to the general usage of TOR.

Getting Started – Downloading the TOR Browser Bundle

You can easily download the TOR browser bundle for your platform at the official TOR website. Once you’re done, you need to extract the files and you can start the TOR browser using the shortcut provided.

After running, TOR will ask you if you want to connect directly or configure your browser. Most of the time, the earlier option is handy but if you’re going to use TOR behind proxies, etc. you’ll need to configure it.

After that, your browser will open and it will check if TOR is properly configured and it should congratulate you for being able to use TOR. That’s it! You’re free to browse anonymously, simple as that, but you must follow certain guidelines to make sure that you’re staying anonymous as you can.

Maintaining Anonymity – Browsing Guidelines to Help You

  • Use the TOR browser. The TOR browser is configured to send traffic via the TOR network whereas other browsers don’t. Even if you run TOR but you used regular browsers, you can still be tracked easily.
  • Don’t use browser plugins. If you used TOR, you’ll notice that plugins like Flash, RealPlayer, and QuickTime are blocked because they can be used to access your real IP. With that in mind, installing additional plugins are not recommended at all.
  • Use HTTPS everywhere. TOR comes with a plugin HTTPS everywhere, which makes sure that your traffic is always HTTPS.
  • Don’t torrent while on TOR. This is never a great idea at all. Never do this.
  • Don’t open download files over TOR. They can send your real IP address so wait until you can disconnect from the internet before opening them.

Hopefully, this blog post help you understand and use TOR for your sensitive browsing activities. Just make sure to stay away from any illegal places, if you can.

How to Stay Anonymous Online

How to Stay Anonymous Online

Nowadays, it seems that privacy is dead. When you go online, companies and websites instantaneously tracks almost everything about you. It begins about your browser, operating system, browser plugins, and the fonts installed on your system. Well, that’s not really a concern right? Well, it goes just beyond that. They also track your ISP, your IP address, your time zone and more. With that information, they can usually pinpoint your exact location and, if by chance, you did something “offensive”, you might even wake up one day handcuffed in your bed. One example of it is “Swatting”, whereas an internet prank/crime where someone finds your address either through your IP or because your name and location is known and the hacker calls 911 to deploy SWAT to an unsuspecting victim’s home under false pretense. This isn’t a funny joke, right? Therefore, staying anonymous online is an important matter. But how can you stay anonymous online? There are several methods to do that.

One of the ways to stay private online is anonymous web browsing. It’s basically hiding your IP address so that you can stay anonymous. Tons of information can be revealed from your IP address such as the geographic location of the server that hosts that address, which could give a rough idea about your exact location. How can you obfuscate your IP? There are three ways.

  1. Using a proxy server. Having a proxy server is like pretending to be someone else. This is what a proxy server does: it routes your internet connection through an alternate server so your IP location is hard to find. There are several free proxies out there, and discovering a decent one is as easy as searching online. Most popular browsers offer proxy server extensions that can be easily activated in a click.
  2. Using a Virtual Private Server. For most intents and purposes, a VPN clouds your IP address just like what a proxy does, but sometimes, it’s even better. They have a different way of doing the same result. Basically, a VPN is a private system that uses a public network (generally the Internet) to connect remote sites or clients together.
  3. Using TOR. Acronym for “The Onion Router”, this is a network of virtual tunnels which allows people to improve their privacy and security on the internet. It’s like randomly generated proxy, which greatly improve your security and anonymity in exchange of network speed. There are a few tips for improving your security when using TOR and it’s more than just a secure browser.

Those are some of the ways to stay private and anonymous online. But beyond those tools, one of the most important thing to have is your brain. Use your brain and make sure not to fall into devious traps set by social engineers.