About Us

Welcome to Internet Online Privacy. We are a group of people dedicated on bringing information about staying anonymous and private on the internet. We believe that our privacy matters and huge corporation shouldn’t track us. We aim to bring the knowledge to everyone who uses the internet in order to keep himself or herself safe online so that our privacy is maintained.

We are a New Jersey based non-profit organization who wants to bring information about maintain online privacy. Nowadays, when you browse a website, the site will send a cookie to your browser, uniquely identifying you and tracking you. They collect a multitude of information from users, such as the time they visited, their IP address, the sites that they visit and more. This way, internet companies can easily trace you and even conclude about your personality based upon your browsing behavior.

This information are sometimes leaked or shared to other companies and hence, you’ll become a target of consumer-targeted advertisement or spam. It’s also crucial for safety and security, not only for personal reasons but also for professional reasons.

This website will focus in educating people about the importance of online privacy, ways to stay anonymous and events that took place where privacy was compromised. In addition to that, we’ll also post different information about different companies and government institutions, which are likely to gather important information about you.

We will also post several ways to prevent yourself from being traced online, making sure that you are safe and anonymous most of the time. Don’t be afraid and strive to be anonymous online!