Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety

News about cybercrimes have become the norm these days, people getting robbed off their personal information causing identity theft, or inflicting dangerous viruses etc. It has become increasingly necessary for not just business to implement safety measures to ensure online security, but common man as well so he can protect his privacy from notorious hackers that have become experts in covering their tracks now days. Here are a few ways in which you can keep the internet bad guys away.

Web security is needed by small business as much as large corporations, in fact as big companies usually invest a lot of funds to prevent their systems from hacking; these online baddies are after small corporation websites.

Customer Online security

Any successful businessman knows that their organization keeps going because of their customers’ trust. Therefore the first and foremost agenda of any business must be to protect their customers. Your customers trust you with sensitive information, therefore it must be protected. To do so –

  • Keep only concise information of what you need and be transparent about your company’s privacy policy on the website.
  • Protect the information you are holding, by knowing precisely where it is stored and how is it protected.
  • Protect your network and system by updating latest anti-virus software, OP and web browser that can fight against online threats.
  • Keep firewalls and make sure that all devices are scanned before being connected to the system.
  • Encrypt crucial information and use strong passwords that are combination of letters, symbols and numbers.
  • Archive necessary information and make frequent tests to see if the online security is secure.
  • Spread awareness amongst the employees on internet security and train them with basics of internet safety.


Internet safety has become priority as cases of fraudulent emails and phishing attacks are increasing on the web. Here are some tips how you can protect your private information.

  • Spam Emails – Spam emails are junk emails and are circulated quite often. Some might be not as threatening but there is always the danger of opening one, only to contract dangerous virus in your system which might eat away important data and allow the hacker to steal important information from your computer. As of now, there are specific laws against sending emails that have elements of appearing as a spam email.
  • Phishing – This is a way, hackers use to gain important information about an individual’s information – personal, financial (credit card number, bank account number etc.) by emails or by hi-jacking websites. Beware of Spyware programs and Viruses by downloading a good anti-virus program.

Make sure that you see the privacy settings when you register for any website and go through terms of service so that you are safe.