How to Use TOR to Stay Anonymous?

How to Use TOR to Stay Anonymous?

If you are wondering about a safe and easy way to surf the internet anonymously, chances are you’ve stumbled once across the name called “TOR”. What is this? A god? The one from Asgard? No, TOR is the acronym for “The Onion Router”, a browser bundled with a proxy software that attempts to obfuscate your location by passing your traffic through a few hundreds layers of computers, making it almost impossible to track. However, it could be a bit complicated to use, especially for total newbies. But for the average computer user, setting up TOR is as easy as download and installing a browser. But there’s more to it.

Before we proceed, a word of warning for you: TOR is the haven of everything, it’s an uncensored community which where you can freely post anything, from hiring assassins to child pornography, you can easily find everything here, but that is, only if you intend to browse the hidden services of TOR. Now let us proceed to the general usage of TOR.

Getting Started – Downloading the TOR Browser Bundle

You can easily download the TOR browser bundle for your platform at the official TOR website. Once you’re done, you need to extract the files and you can start the TOR browser using the shortcut provided.

After running, TOR will ask you if you want to connect directly or configure your browser. Most of the time, the earlier option is handy but if you’re going to use TOR behind proxies, etc. you’ll need to configure it.

After that, your browser will open and it will check if TOR is properly configured and it should congratulate you for being able to use TOR. That’s it! You’re free to browse anonymously, simple as that, but you must follow certain guidelines to make sure that you’re staying anonymous as you can.

Maintaining Anonymity – Browsing Guidelines to Help You

  • Use the TOR browser. The TOR browser is configured to send traffic via the TOR network whereas other browsers don’t. Even if you run TOR but you used regular browsers, you can still be tracked easily.
  • Don’t use browser plugins. If you used TOR, you’ll notice that plugins like Flash, RealPlayer, and QuickTime are blocked because they can be used to access your real IP. With that in mind, installing additional plugins are not recommended at all.
  • Use HTTPS everywhere. TOR comes with a plugin HTTPS everywhere, which makes sure that your traffic is always HTTPS.
  • Don’t torrent while on TOR. This is never a great idea at all. Never do this.
  • Don’t open download files over TOR. They can send your real IP address so wait until you can disconnect from the internet before opening them.

Hopefully, this blog post help you understand and use TOR for your sensitive browsing activities. Just make sure to stay away from any illegal places, if you can.